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Here are some statistics from the 2009 season that you might find interesting:

  • We had 110 different anglers fish at least one tournament in 2009.
  • We had 9 anglers fish every regular season tournament in 2009.
  • The most fish weighed-in in one evening was 24 on June 2.
  • We had two other evenings where 20 fish were weighed-in, May 12 and May 26.
  • The most weight brought to the scales in one evening was 49.51 lbs on June 2.
  • We had two other evenings break 40 lbs of total weight, 44.95 lbs on May 12 and 43.59 lbs on May 26.
  • The largest bass weighed-in this year was 6.41 lbs, by Tim Back and David Perry on April 21.
  • 245 total fish were weighed-in through the 24 regular season tournaments and the championship in 2009.
  • 558 lbs of bass crossed the scales in 2009.
  • The average number of bass weighed-in per tournament in 2009 was 9.8.
  • The average weight brought in per tournament in 2009 was 22.32 lbs.
  • The average bass weighed-in this year was 2.28 lbs.

Wow, these numbers are hard to believe -- unless maybe you finished in the top 5 of the total points! On average, 10 fish were weighed-in at each tournament this year? Well, I guess I sure didn't do my part. We had 3 tournaments this year with 20+ bass weighed-in at 43+ lbs. Looking at these numbers it's hard to call Caesar Creek "The Dead Sea". C'mon Squirrel! :-))

Below is a graph showing the total number of fish weighed-in and the total weight for each tournament in 2009. The total number of fish weighed-in is plotted as the blue bars and relate to the blue scale on the left. The total weight is the red line and relates to the red scale on the right.



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